The war on Lambeth council begins..

Posted on 09/11/2009

Some of you already know I was unfortunate enough to receive 2 CCTV fines for being in a bus lane.  They were both on the same street at pretty much the same time of the day and yes I did the same thing in both.  I was only the edge of the bus lane for about 10m tops and there was no obstruction to any bus at the time.

As you can imagine coming home to find 2 fines in your mailbox is depressing to say the least especially when you consider motorbikes are now allowed in *most* bus lanes in London.  Its the *most* aspect that I feel a bit ranty about.  Its hard enough riding a bike in London, you have to keep your wits about you what with lunatics everywhere on the roads.

The particular stretch of road in question has bus lanes that allow motorbikes and its just the last stretch before you hit a roundabout that the lane has changed conditions. I know this as I had to return to the scene of the fines to work out what the hell had happened.  There is no advance warning sign advising the rider of changed conditions until the bus lane starts and as its at a very busy intersection it makes it even harder to see and quite dangerous to react to.

In any case I’ve decided to take on the council.. More investigation reveals that the bus lane in question doesn’t even conform to legal standards in terms of signs & lane markings.  No doubt they won’t want a bar of it but I feel compelled to try.  Let the games begin!


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