A frightened boy

Classic Joel Veitch 🙂  And perfect for a Friday.

“Realizing that you’re not really sure what “home” is anymore, because even though this is technically where you come from, you’re not sure you fit into the shape of the puzzle piece that you left behind. In a lot of ways, your time abroad felt much more like home, and maybe you won’t ever really feel settled until you can actually call it that — even if you’re all too familiar with how difficult immigration is. Being where you belong, maybe not today but someday, is something you’re willing to work for.”

Missing London today

I do love a bit of bunting.  And who can say no to a public holiday and a street party?

God save the Queen etc.. 😉



Shit London (the blog)

A friend reminded me of this fabulous blog just the other day.  Many a time spent wandering around London I’ve seen some fantastic additions which I should have submitted to this site.  🙂




The Peckham Peace Wall

Go SE15!  Its my hood too and I love Peckham as well. 🙂