“Realizing that you’re not really sure what “home” is anymore, because even though this is technically where you come from, you’re not sure you fit into the shape of the puzzle piece that you left behind. In a lot of ways, your time abroad felt much more like home, and maybe you won’t ever really feel settled until you can actually call it that — even if you’re all too familiar with how difficult immigration is. Being where you belong, maybe not today but someday, is something you’re willing to work for.”

Mindless Thugs

If anyone still thinks anyone should have sympathy for the people rioting in London check this out.

You are mindless thugs – nothing more. You sicken me.  I hope you are identified through this video and sent to jail. 🙁 Continue Reading →

Hello Melbourne

Well I’ve finally arrived in Melbourne, and typically I’ve brought the rain.  But after Brisbane and the floods this type of rain is easy to contend with. Continue Reading →

This is going to take some getting used to…

Well I’m back in Australia and it does indeed seem I’ve picked up some very British ways in the last decade.

These are the things I’m currently struggling with. Continue Reading →

Drama Llama

Make it stop. dear god please..who let it loose?!

Crap blogger should write more… But I’ve got a great excuse – volcanic ash!

Well all I can say in my defence is that I’ve been run off my feet.  Demanding clients, long documents of translations and other assorted mentalists.

The blackness of darkness forever

Ok so maybe I’ve ripped off Portishead for today’s update.. But frankly they wouldn’t mind.  Continue Reading →