Pandemic Remixed

When people have a lot of time on their hands with lockdown magic often happens.

Bag the Fag – 1986 Queensland Anti Smoking Campaign

This aired on Queensland television when I was growing up in the 80’s.  I certainly didn’t take up smoking so it must have worked.  🙂

Thermomix Review

Apparently the Thermomix is “the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today”.. Either way this review is pretty funny.

The Ultimate Kickstarter Project

The White House said no.  But some people don’t give up easily.  Check out the latest in “Kickstarter Projects”.

Good to see that they are at least wanting to improve on some key design flaws:

£20,000,000 for more detailed plans and enough chicken wire to protect reactor exhaust ports.

A Creative Cartharsis

When I came  across this project by Ireland’s creative community it brought a wry smile to my face.  Continue Reading →