The 9 Types of Hangovers

The false dawn

Brilliant written.  The owls say it better than I ever could.

The 9 Types Of Hangover We’ve All Endured


Living small

Recently I watched the documentary – We the tiny house people.  I found it very inspiring as I too have been consistently downsizing my life where I can.  You really don’t need much space, if the space you have is well designed and your actual living needs are considered when planning space. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Kickstarter Project

The White House said no.  But some people don’t give up easily.  Check out the latest in “Kickstarter Projects”.

Good to see that they are at least wanting to improve on some key design flaws:

£20,000,000 for more detailed plans and enough chicken wire to protect reactor exhaust ports.

We know what you are doing

Be aware of your social media privacy.. This experiment shows you why..