Article 50 has been triggered.

Credit to Steven Seller for this highly accurate video.

R.I.P. Prince :(

2016 has been brutal, so many talented people lost.  This is the level of genius we lost yesterday.  Watch Prince come in and blow this song up at the end with an amazing solo 🙁

“All people care about nowadays is getting paid, so they try to do just what the audience wants them to do. I’d rather give people what they need rather than just what they want.” – Prince

Another year another Australian Prime Minister

Farewell Tony Abbott.  Just goes to show that slogans will only get you so far in politics.


My cat Confucius passed away

Last Saturday I had to make the awful decision to put my cat Confucius down.  🙁  It didn’t come easily as she had been my pet for 20 years. Continue Reading →

It’s a tough gig being the first female Prime Minister in Australia.

Whatever your politics, this kind of treatment of any person man or woman is unacceptable.

The 9 Types of Hangovers

The false dawn

Brilliant written.  The owls say it better than I ever could.

The 9 Types Of Hangover We’ve All Endured


Rest in peace Whitney

A sad post today.. At the age of 48 Whitney Houston has died.

And so begins the analysis of celebrity, the glare of media attention and cautionary tales of substance abuse. Continue Reading →

Mindless Thugs

If anyone still thinks anyone should have sympathy for the people rioting in London check this out.

You are mindless thugs – nothing more. You sicken me.  I hope you are identified through this video and sent to jail. 🙁 Continue Reading →