London is burning but my feelings are summed up best by this woman.

Filthy scumbags – this is not a protest you are just opportunistic thieves. 

Stop burning my lovely London! 


The Goliath Tigerfish

The Goliath Tigerfish is little-known to most people owing to its relative isolation in Africa’s Congo River system. Ferocious in temperament, armed to the gills with 32 razor-sharp teeth this fish likes to hunt alone and has been known to kill humans.

Its also bloody ugly.


Say it with MS Paint

For when your trial version of Photoshop has run out, the internet is down, your computer crashes and deadlines loom. 😉

Drama Llama

Make it stop. dear god please..who let it loose?!

In the memory of a good friend, the lovely Alex.

Its funny how certain times of year can trigger memories.  As we head towards the end of another year my mind can’t help but drift back to my very good friend Alex Klement.  Continue Reading →

The blackness of darkness forever

Ok so maybe I’ve ripped off Portishead for today’s update.. But frankly they wouldn’t mind.  Continue Reading →

The war on Lambeth council begins..

Some of you already know I was unfortunate enough to receive 2 CCTV fines for being in a bus lane.  They were both on the same street at pretty much the same time of the day and yes I did the same thing in both.  I was only the edge of the bus lane for about 10m tops and there was no obstruction to any bus at the time. Continue Reading →