Folding Bike Helmets

Posted on 31/01/2013

So if you are like me and live in a country where its illegal to ride a bike without a helmet, finding cool solutions to store said helmet is a complete must.

In Melbourne we have one of those rent a bike schemes.  A totally good idea but often not used as you have to know you are are going to rent one and therefore bring your own helmet.  And what if you are a tourist?  Well no bike riding for you!

So when I saw this folding helmet I thought this could be a potential solution to the problem.  You would put vending machines all over the city so people could quickly purchase a helmet and spontaneously rent a bike. 🙂

This French concept by Overade can be folded into to a small enough size to fit into a purse or backpack. It shrinks down to a third of its original size by way of latches and sliders.

An even better concept for those that like to feel the wind in their hair is this Swedish invention called the Hövding.


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