This is going to take some getting used to…

Posted on 18/12/2010

Well I’m back in Australia and it does indeed seem I’ve picked up some very British ways in the last decade.

These are the things I’m currently struggling with.


My now pale British skin burns so quickly and 80% humidity is a lot to contend with.  Especially as I came from snow to this!


Nah not a fan.  It won’t bend or sit in your wallet properly.  I had a $50 note make a break for freedom yesterday, springing out of my wallet trying to get away, most unfortunate.  This was around before I left Australia too and I hated it then!



While this ad promises they have gotten better.  I can say with my hand on my heart in 10 years they have not improved at all.  Fees, fees, fees.  There would have been riots in any other country.


This cuts me and every other Australian to the core.  We are a nation of piss heads.  You can’t charge that much for a flaming beer mate!  The decision to home brew has been instantly made.  Watch out for “Whinging Pom Bitter”.. & “Immigrants Revenge Ale”… Coming Soon 😉


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  1. Shaun Rowland 06/01/2011 at 2:33 am

    Sign up for this bank account:…No fees AND free ATM access to Commbank, ANZ, NAB and Westpac. plus all 7-11s have Bankwests in them. Customer service is ace as well.Plastic money is much better! doesn’t rip and can go through the wash without being ruined.Humidity? You’re moving to Melbourne soon so that will go instantly on arrival at Tullamarine.High price of alcohol – yep, it’s amazing how expensive it is.

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