Hawksmoor – Seven Dials

Posted on 25/10/2010

So I love meat, not all the time mind you, but as a special treat.  And If I’m going to eat it I want to know that the meat is quality, cooked to perfection.
This is why I love Hawksmoor, as I always get the sense that I’m eating food that someone has agonised over, ensuring that everything was just perfect.

I was lucky enough to go to their Seven Dials restaurant last Saturday to take part in their soft opening.

The first thing I loved was the decor.  Its all reclaimed wood and in the bar the table tops have been made from old chemistry lab tables.  You can see where the bored students etched into the wood.  The lighting reminds me of something out of the 1920’s/30’s – love the attention to detail.  I could imagine myself sitting here for vast amounts of hours consuming cocktails.  How awesome.

Hawksmoor - Seven DialsThe restaurant is more of the same but feels lighter and more open.  There is a private dining room to one side and just beyond the kitchen is partially visible so you can see the chefs hard at work.  My big favourite, however was the wall of little wooden lockers where you could buy and keep your special bottle of spirits for when you visited.  A lovely touch and oh so very tempting.

Hawksmoor - Seven DialsThe staff were relaxed, attentive and knowledgable, nothing was too difficult and they looked genuinely happy to be working there, always a good sign!  We also loved their tattoos and fabulous hair.

Hawksmoor - Seven DialsAnd then the food…yum!  Well I had Lobster from Devon which was devine, a 400g Rib Eye that melted in my mouth and a tasty Apple and Quince Crumble for dessert.  My absolute favourite however, was the beef dripping triple cooked chips.  In this I feel I have found the perfect chip – it is the stuff of pure joy for a chip lover like me.

I left feeling well spoilt and definitely wanting to return.  Well done Hawksmoor Seven Dials, the best steak and cocktails in London.

Hawksmoor - Seven Dials

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