Crossroads of My Life

Posted on 07/09/2011

I stand at a crossroad, from where many roads diverge
Which is the one to my destination,
My mind ponders to unfurl.
Is it the one straight or is it the one to the right,
Or may be the one that turns left,
I fall short to decide.
I wonder if I should solve this puzzle,
Or just let it be.
Taking the road, my instinct guides
Leaving it to my destiny
Not long after, when I close my eyes,
And gather all my impulses, to take a decision wise.
To move in the direction I have walked yet.
Not submitting to the puzzle or my confused mindset.
Realising that there are no crossroads that exist,
It’s just the manifestation of my mind.
‘Coz all routes are the ones to my destiny,
Only if I labour and sincerely endeavour to do it right.
– Priyanka Dey

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