The Land of Giants

First of all I think its pretty cool that Iceland had a electrical pylon design competition in 2008.  So credit to Icelandic electrical transmission company Landsnet and the Association of Icelandic Architects.  I can’t quite believe its 2015 and I’m only reading about this now!  But its lovely so better late than never.  I remember travelling around Australia and seeing vast swaths of the environment mown down by these pylons and wires.  It always looked so destructive to me.  So to find a way of making something that scars the environment into something of beauty is wonderful.   Continue Reading →

Living small

Recently I watched the documentary – We the tiny house people.  I found it very inspiring as I too have been consistently downsizing my life where I can.  You really don’t need much space, if the space you have is well designed and your actual living needs are considered when planning space. Continue Reading →

A Creative Cartharsis

When I came  across this project by Ireland’s creative community it brought a wry smile to my face.  Continue Reading →

Folding Bike Helmets

So if you are like me and live in a country where its illegal to ride a bike without a helmet, finding cool solutions to store said helmet is a complete must. Continue Reading →

Lets let the car drive?

Really interesting article on autonomous cars.. A not so distant reality.  Loving the depiction of what the robot driving the car “sees”.. Amazing.