Australians love big things

Posted on 04/11/2010

Firstly can I start with the Big Pineapple?

Can I tempt you with the Giant Prawn?

Australians love big things

Australians love big things.  We aren’t sure why but now I’ve found the ultimate guide.

The creator of the site rushes to the defence of my home state Queensland (bless them) and says:
In researching this site, I found myself coming to Queensland’s defence, admittedly an unfamiliar position. I had thought, as many do, that only Queenslanders are mad enough to construct these enormous simulacra. But I stand corrected. New South Wales has surpassed Queensland’s effort. Victoria and South Australia have nothing to be smug about. Even little Tasmania has a few. In fact, the only place not committed to this art-form is the Jervis Bay Territory (as far as I know, and I’d love to be corrected). Perhaps it is a State thing?

How full of awesome is this little site?  I leave you with the description of the Big Bull which is found in my hometown of Rockhampton.

Australians love big things

Location:  Rockhampton, QLD

About:  Rockhampton has supposedly got more big bulls than anywhere else in Australia. Perhaps they are just more full of bull? Rumour has it that someone from Rockhampton council has the unenviable job of replacing the bulls’ testicles every week, after they have been abducted at the end of a long drinking session. Now that’s a job description I’d like to see!

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