Stampa med Leroy – London Tribute, Same time next week?

Another blast from the past.. Learning how to dance with Leroy (swedish style) via You Tube.

Top style from all involved. 🙂

In the memory of a good friend, the lovely Alex.

Its funny how certain times of year can trigger memories.  As we head towards the end of another year my mind can’t help but drift back to my very good friend Alex Klement.  Continue Reading →

Happy happy god damned Friday to the lot of you

So its been a long week and as its soon the end of the decade I’m getting a bit nostalgic about what I’ve been up to for the last ten years. Continue Reading →

The blackness of darkness forever

Ok so maybe I’ve ripped off Portishead for today’s update.. But frankly they wouldn’t mind.  Continue Reading →

The war on Lambeth council begins..

Some of you already know I was unfortunate enough to receive 2 CCTV fines for being in a bus lane.  They were both on the same street at pretty much the same time of the day and yes I did the same thing in both.  I was only the edge of the bus lane for about 10m tops and there was no obstruction to any bus at the time. Continue Reading →

urban landscapes and some other mutterings

Today has been a slow day for news which might explain why the reopening of the Oxford St crossing has got so much media coverage. Continue Reading →

Do you see solutions or problems?

Or do you just see dead people?  If you fancy this then you need this handy product for your wall.

But back to the main point of all of this…Its the old glass is half full or glass empty argument isn’t it? Continue Reading →

Wet, dark, cold in London town

See now I like Autumn I really do.  But for some reason the visible changing of the seasons is particularly troubling to me this week. Continue Reading →