A brilliant showcase of Madonna through the years

Hats off to Madonna – what a career. Ā I sawĀ this video which I saw posted by a mega fan the other day. Ā No idea who did this but its a perfect mix and a great retrospective.

Nick Caveā€™s ā€˜Red Right Handā€™ as a Dr. Seuss inspired book

Its hard to know where to start with this. Ā The song has always been evocative as it is but now Melbourne artist DrFaustusAUĀ has taken it to the next level with his Dr. SeussĀ adaptation.

I’ve always loved this song and recently hearing it on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack brought all the memories back. Ā Please enjoy – stacks of green papers in his red right hand!

P.s I would have no problem reading this to children. Ā Is this why I don’t have them?


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Not David Bowie :(

What a horrible day. Ā David Bowie is gone šŸ™

I will always remember him for many things but this is a favourite. Ā The video was filmedĀ on location in Australia in a barĀ in Carinda in New South Wales and the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran. Bowie described this video (and the video for his subsequent single, “China Girl”) as “very simple, very direct” statements against racism and oppression.

Stage Left – Natasha Beattie

Natasha is a Tasmanian based photographer and writer. Ā This is some of her early work from the Personal Place series made in both Brisbane and Melbourne in the noughties.

page6page1 page5

The Land of Giants

First of all I think its pretty cool that Iceland had a electrical pylon design competition in 2008. Ā So credit to Icelandic electrical transmission company Landsnet and the Association of Icelandic Architects. Ā I can’t quite believe its 2015 and I’m only reading about this now! Ā But its lovely so better late than never. Ā I remember travelling around Australia and seeing vast swaths of the environment mown down by these pylons and wires. Ā It always looked so destructive to me. Ā So to find a way of making something that scars the environment into something of beauty is wonderful. Ā  Continue Reading →

Another year another Australian Prime Minister

Farewell Tony Abbott. Ā Just goes to show that slogans will only get you so far in politics.


Back in London

It’s lovely to be back in London after 5 years away. Ā The city constantly changes and evolves and yet in many ways it feelsĀ like many things have not changed either. Ā Perhaps that it because for meĀ London has always felt like that comfortableĀ pair of jeans that just fits.

It’s good to get my camera out again too. Ā I’ve been snapping bits of the city in the last 3 weeks. Ā My goal is to visit places I never got around to doing when I last lived here. šŸ™‚

DSC_0025 DSC_0119

Lower Antelope Canyon – Page, Arizona

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