I still dance my ass off to this

1992.. ah those were the days.  Always puts me in a good mood this tune.

I implore you to room dance!


For my mate Bethan

This video will forever remind me of her.  Not only is she Welsh and gorgeous but she can also do ALL the moves from this video.

At first I didn’t believe her but then she showed us all how to do the dance in its entirety at a party.  That’s commitment people.



Hawksmoor – Seven Dials

So I love meat, not all the time mind you, but as a special treat.  And If I’m going to eat it I want to know that the meat is quality, cooked to perfection.
This is why I love Hawksmoor, as I always get the sense that I’m eating food that someone has agonised over, ensuring that everything was just perfect. Continue Reading →

Pauline Hanson and Warwick Capper in one video

Amazing.. Warwick Capper wants to tackle the big questions.  Pauline Hanson has a melt down.  Car crash Australian politics at its best. Continue Reading →

A perfect tune for a monday

This is London every morning.  A sea of people like ants scurrying to their respective treadmills.

Disturbingly gripping viewing

Not sure if its the guys in jump suits pulling levers or Tom Jones shaking his booty but I can’t stop watching this.

Safety announcement with style

Brilliant skills.  Reminds me of a very amusing flight to Amsterdam.