I made the mistake of watching this last night

The only way is Essex – what a bizarre program.  I couldn’t work out if it was actually reality television or a pisstake of bad soap.  Perhaps its a new hybrid of both?

Those women are so orange I wondered if they actually had a bit of jaundice on top of all the fake tan?  Impressive use of the word “babe” throughout.

In any case Cassette boy has done the definitive mash up – Legend.

Pauline Hanson and Warwick Capper in one video

Amazing.. Warwick Capper wants to tackle the big questions.  Pauline Hanson has a melt down.  Car crash Australian politics at its best. Continue Reading →

The gay olympics..

Gay couples hurdles and obstacles event.  Priceless.


Bizarre old memories..

Out of the blue I suddenly remembered a series of promotional videos that Tina Turner (of all people) did for the Australian Rugby League ages ago. Continue Reading →

How to make a news report

I do love this summary by Charlie Brooker.  Spot on!

Ah Inga from Sweden

No I’m not obsessed with Fast Forward but I was talking to my dear Swedish friend Cristina this morning and she told me she was thinking of becoming a sex education teacher.  This was all I could think about.

Kurts dad is a bit awesome

Every gay kid needs a Dad like this. 🙂