Mindless Thugs

If anyone still thinks anyone should have sympathy for the people rioting in London check this out.

You are mindless thugs – nothing more. You sicken me.  I hope you are identified through this video and sent to jail. 🙁 Continue Reading →

London is burning but my feelings are summed up best by this woman.

Filthy scumbags – this is not a protest you are just opportunistic thieves. 

Stop burning my lovely London! 


blackguard, bounder, dog, heel, hound

A Rakes Progress

A Rake’s Progress is a series of eight paintings by 18th century English artist William Hogarth. Continue Reading →

I made the mistake of watching this last night

The only way is Essex – what a bizarre program.  I couldn’t work out if it was actually reality television or a pisstake of bad soap.  Perhaps its a new hybrid of both?

Those women are so orange I wondered if they actually had a bit of jaundice on top of all the fake tan?  Impressive use of the word “babe” throughout.

In any case Cassette boy has done the definitive mash up – Legend.

Best motivational sign on a pub ever

I ride past this pub (The Funky Munky) in Camberwell on most days and this sign always gives me a lift.

Damn Straight – Never give up!


Hawksmoor – Seven Dials

So I love meat, not all the time mind you, but as a special treat.  And If I’m going to eat it I want to know that the meat is quality, cooked to perfection.
This is why I love Hawksmoor, as I always get the sense that I’m eating food that someone has agonised over, ensuring that everything was just perfect. Continue Reading →

A perfect tune for a monday

This is London every morning.  A sea of people like ants scurrying to their respective treadmills.