“Realizing that you’re not really sure what “home” is anymore, because even though this is technically where you come from, you’re not sure you fit into the shape of the puzzle piece that you left behind. In a lot of ways, your time abroad felt much more like home, and maybe you won’t ever really feel settled until you can actually call it that — even if you’re all too familiar with how difficult immigration is. Being where you belong, maybe not today but someday, is something you’re willing to work for.”

It’s a tough gig being the first female Prime Minister in Australia.

Whatever your politics, this kind of treatment of any person man or woman is unacceptable.

Brilliant article about the Australian marketplace

Death of an oligopoly

Australian brands need to take a reality check: the days of being an oligopoly are finished, writes Mark Ritson.

Oligopoly. It’s a word that originated from the Greek word monopoly in the 19th century to describe a situation in which a small number of companies dominate a large proportion of a particular category or market. Continue Reading →

Bogan love

With Australia day approaching, someone has made a song about a love that dare not speak its name – Bogan love.

Crazy soap plots

Today the talk in the office has been about crazy soap plots from our childhood. Continue Reading →

This is so annoyingly catchy

For all those who have been watching Angry Boys..  This is Squashed Ni**ga..

Chris Lilley cracks me up.

Melbourne Hipsters

They seem the same all over the world.. Here is the Melbourne breed.