We know what you are doing

Be aware of your social media privacy.. This experiment shows you why..


Make or break a habit in 21 days

Great idea.. Make a resolution and this website emails you every day to see how you are going.  the “committed mode” is also a master stroke.  Fail to meet your goals and you will donate a $1 a day to your nominated charity. 🙂


Honey badger don’t care

Word… especially relevant in my last week of work before a nice long holiday.

So we had an earthquake in Melbourne

While this is an old gag it makes me laugh everytime.  For the record I didn’t feel the earthquake at all.  Although I’m told by almost every other person I’ve spoken to about the earthquake it was a bit scary…

Missing London today

I do love a bit of bunting.  And who can say no to a public holiday and a street party?

God save the Queen etc.. 😉