Honest Advertising

Bring on this honest take on what is an ugly shoe

Crossroads of My Life

I stand at a crossroad, from where many roads diverge
Which is the one to my destination,
My mind ponders to unfurl. Continue Reading →

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

This used to be one of my favourite stories when I was small.

As a human being I’m honest, I’m passionate, I’m courageous, and I’m disciplined.  I have a concentrated mind.  I’m compassionate, I’m aware, I’m a good listener, I’m patient, I’m tolerant, I’m fun.  I’m adventurous, I’m loving and I’m affectionate.  I’m kind, I’m responsible. I am love.

I don’t get caught up in my thoughts.  I don’t be controlled by my ego.  I don’t dwell on the past and I don’t worry about the future. Because the only moment we have is this moment right now.