This is going to take some getting used to…

Well I’m back in Australia and it does indeed seem I’ve picked up some very British ways in the last decade.

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This makes me happy

Yes I’m a complete romantic :blush:

Say it with MS Paint

For when your trial version of Photoshop has run out, the internet is down, your computer crashes and deadlines loom. 😉

I made the mistake of watching this last night

The only way is Essex – what a bizarre program.  I couldn’t work out if it was actually reality television or a pisstake of bad soap.  Perhaps its a new hybrid of both?

Those women are so orange I wondered if they actually had a bit of jaundice on top of all the fake tan?  Impressive use of the word “babe” throughout.

In any case Cassette boy has done the definitive mash up – Legend.

Captain Hindsight

There is nothing like the power of Hindsight. 🙂

Australians love big things

Firstly can I start with the Big Pineapple?

Can I tempt you with the Giant Prawn? Continue Reading →

Best motivational sign on a pub ever

I ride past this pub (The Funky Munky) in Camberwell on most days and this sign always gives me a lift.

Damn Straight – Never give up!