The future is digital

Woo hoo is all I can say!  The future is a digital one – and of course is the obvious retort.  Feeling quite smug that I’ve spent my entire career in the digital world waiting for brands to catch up.

Well its happened.  the GEEKS shall inherit the earth.…

Big up the 90’s innit

1990 to be exact.. I’ve always loved this tune.  Good morning all (especially those with a fendi bag and a bad attitude) 🙂

Yep totally.. In the mood for this

Why is it always swedes that make me happy?

Friends appears to be coming to Carnaby St

Was pottering about at lunch today when I came across this shop which appears to be just about to open just off Carnaby St (near the cash machines).

I’m thinking Friends in a big way.  Will they go the whole hog and get a giant couch in there too?  Only time will tell. 😉

Damn you flu

Well I did so well all year and then one trip to New York (which was fab by the way) and I get the bloody flu.

Lettings hoping its not the swine variety, altho I was told by a certain swede in the know that I would be better off with that one as the other flu kills more.

Even so I’m rubbish sick.. Roll on the weekend.

I’m staying in the Sherry Oak room at the Macallan Estate

Wow.. What an amazing estate and its only my first day here.  So far I’ve had the basic tour and tomorrow is the precious spirits tour.  Continue Reading →

I can indefinitely remain in the United Kingdom

A very special day.. 7 long years in the making.
I’ve attached a very special picture which proves my complete integration into British society.
God save the Queen etc (even in the rain).. 😉

I want to be this good at boxing

Ah Mike Tyson.. We can say many things about the man and I would recommend the recent documentary by James Toback if you want to delve more. Continue Reading →

A timely reminder for the home office for tomorrow

The Pet Shop boys have beat me to it (see below).  Come on Home Office, it’s been 7 long years and I’ve done everything by the rules, even when you changed them!  Continue Reading →

Autumn projects

Ah the final bank holiday for the year has come and gone and already I can feel the crispness of Autumn in the air.  Continue Reading →