Coffee standards please!

Citizens of London.. Why oh why do we put up with the quite frankly poor standards of coffee that pervade this city?  Italians would have rioted in the streets by now.  The French would have gone on strike, of course.  Why do we all seem content with Starbucks/Costa/Nero swill? Continue Reading →

Incompetence makes me very grumpy

You know I’m a pretty patient and accommodating person.  But the one thing that makes my blood boil is incompetence.  Clients come to us as digital experts for just that, expertise. Continue Reading →

Must resist

Gah!  How have I let myself get addicted to red bull (sugar free). Continue Reading →

Fire walk with me

I have to say that this is a series that gets in your head and just won’t leave.  On the weekend we continued our Twin Peaks marathon and the more I watch the more questions I have even though I saw it when it was first on television. Continue Reading →

Monday morning fuel

Full of fat and completely not good for me.  But how can millions of French people be wrong?  The Croissant served with a  large coffee..

Ahh.. Ready for the week.

Lazy sunday afternoons.

The sun is streaming through the flat and life is good. 🙂